**Specializing in Complex Rehab**

About Us


I live in Gulf Breeze, Florida with my         husband Steve and our 2 boys.  

I managed my father's DME company for about 5 years and one thing I learned as a DME manager is the value of a good billing team.  I had such a passion for billing that I decided to open up my own billing company.  I have worked closely with many ATP's and have used the knowledge they shared with me to assist in billing complex rehab accurately.  We have an incredible billing team who have detailed understanding of insurance guidelines and ensure claims get the most reimbursement.  They follow up on all claims to ensure timely payments are obtained.  One of our billing team members has personally delivered and repaired DME and uses that knowledge to obtain the maximum reimbursement.     

Let us be your billing solution!

-Kerry Scudiero